Intuitive painting and drawing

Intuitive painting and drawing are creative processes which generate lots of surprises. Time and again, I see in myself and in others how feelings and inner conflicts dare to be flushed out into your consciousness as if from a fog during the painting process and take a clear form. Suddenly, they can be seen, without.. weiter →

Diana Lüchem

How can I help you? My therapy draws from my knowledge of a multitude of methods and diverse intercultural life experience. So in every meeting, we can find the right means of expression to suit you and your situation. weiter →


Yes, yes, hypnosis! If there were no so many lurid TV shows and so much incorrect information about hypnosis, our work as hypnotherapists would be considerably easier! It’s best if you forget (almost) everything you have seen on TV about hypnosis! “Anything that fascinates and holds or absorbs the attention of a person could be.. weiter →

Couples therapy

Happy couples are more resilient. Whether you stay healthy or fall ill largely depends on how fulfilled and happy your relationship is. No doubt really, as good and bad relationships have a chronic influence, which can affect the circulatory system due to physiological changes or cause physical problems or even strengthening though the interplay of.. weiter →

Multi-cultural relationships

When two people live together, it is often the little things that put a strain on your tolerance in the long term. Can you relate to that? You live in an intercultural partnership. You were so in love, perhaps with the exoticness, the differentness of your partner. But in everyday life, the otherness becomes a.. weiter →

About me

Personally intercultural – life experience of a therapist Born in Bulgaria, I spent the years of my childhood and youth in Algeria and Morocco, attending Bulgarian and French schools. My first degree and initial working years were spent in Austria. I have now lived in Germany for 20 years, with long stopovers in Spain. I.. weiter →


How do you work? I work “offensive-oriented”, showing appreciation and with humour. We will give the problems sufficient space, always with the solution in mind! Don’t expect any sure formulae for success, miracle solutions or concrete advice. How will I know, what is right for you? You are the boss and the expert for your.. weiter →


Of course I will be happy to answer your questions by phone or E-Mail. Or just leave me a note here:   Diana Lüchem Hypno-Systemische & MultiKulti Einzel-, Paar- & Sexualtherapeutin Psychotherapie nach dem HPG Dipl. Farbgestalterin IACC, Dipl.-Ing. f. Arch. Adress: Sendlinger Tor Platz 10, 1. St.; 80336 München Get there by: U1, U2,.. weiter →

Imaginative procedures

Imagination means illusion, vision, fantasy. Imagination is the psychological ability to imagine situations, procedures, objects and people, i.e. to arouse images, and memories, in your mind and to view them – internally. Similarly to visions, imaginations can be used to overcome stress, discover and develop your (creative) potential, create an “internal” refuge or even be.. weiter →

Systemic sexual therapy

I am convinced by the healing effect of systemic therapy. But why? We are all integrated into several systems: Family, colleagues, various groups. In the same way as a mobile, the system oscillates in balance. If part of its “weight” changes, the equilibrium of all the other parts must be rebalanced. From the relationship with.. weiter →

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